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Attracted to all that is unholy, yet boldly ethical.

 We proudly create  hand altered, one of a kind items solely for you. Specializing in Anime, Movies, and Music merch.

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Confidence is key, that's the most honest advice I could  ever give anyone. Being comfortable in  who you are is  the best way to achieve it, and here we offer a Varity of ways to reach it.

From choosing brands that you know fit your body, to bringing your favorite thoughts to life and sharing your unique preference on the outside. we want you to love yourself while wearing us, we cater to absolutely all styles and sizes. 


 Consumers, especially the younger generation are keen to reduce their impact on the environment. Hence, recommence  becoming more and more important.

Here at Succubitx we combine vintage, sustainability, genderless fashion and recommence, all to insure a positive and ecologically sound purchase.


Textile Reduction is our number one goal here at succubitx. In Canada, the average person throws out 81 pounds of textiles annually, while North Americans send 10 million tonnes of clothing to the landfill every year. Being able to make an item loveable again for years to come is ultimately reducing this number.

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Who created Succubitx?

If I were to sum up what we do here in one sentence it would be, insuring environment-friendly reproduction, while maintaining top quality merchandise and total honesty.

My overall goal is to decrease amount of clothing that gets destroyed yearly at landfills. By taking an unwanted/unloved item and adding some succubitx charm, we're able to give it new life, for years to come.

My name is Trinity and I've been in love with fashion and individuality for longer then I can even remember, in my recent years I was introduced to one of the darker sides that come along with the clothing industry. Fast fashion/micro trends thus resulting in millions of burned items yearly. 

Not only does the idea of our planet having to produce that much stuff just to burn it and reproduce it, absolutely heartbreaking but imagine how many legendary items get lost forever.

My mission is to reduce that number and rework things into amazing and wanted items. 


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