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Refunds and Returns?

If an item arrives flawed be sure to contact me immediately and we can go from there. I include exact measurements on all items to insure no sizing issues occur. 

Human error is always a slim possibility but if that is the case I will absolutely solve the issue whatever the case may be, just get in touch!

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How to wash items?

All items are best washed, inside out, on the cold setting and air dried. if your item is fragile like a slip dress, wash in the delicate bag (delicate setting).

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What is Revamped?

Revamped is just a fancy way to say reworked or altered, My whole goal with succubitx is to discourage fast fashion by bringing new life to simple and plain items that would otherwise end up in landfill. 

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Are you getting this back in stock?

Some specific items like the stash bags and totes can most likely be remade, not always. Unfortunately I cant be sure unless we communicate directly, that being side feel free to message me with any inquires!

Most items are one of a kind but if I'm able to order stuff in to make it work then it absolutely can be done.

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Shipping Information?

We are located in Canada, but ship

worldwide, shipping prices vary.

I offer 3 types of shipping,

expedited, tracked and untracked.

All orders are fulfilled via Canada post. for more information visit our shipping section in terms and conditions.   

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